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Current version of the FAQ is V3.0.10 - 09 November 2003 for newsgroups alt.sci.seti and sci.astro.seti
FAQ Home : Text-only : Html-version: Anon. FTP : Authors Author : Mark Taylor <> Html-version: Alfred Das Contributors: SETI@home team, Peter Alfredsen, Frank J. Perricone, Mark Stilgar, Arthur Schain, Ed H, Neil Rieck, Thomas Martin, Malcolm Pack, James Birchfield, Roelof Engelbrecht, Allen Cleveland, Chris Johnson, Carl Sagan, Eric J. Korpela, Terry Lee, Sqiz, David Woolley, Jan Knutar, Peter van der Kort, David Schilling, Alfred Das, Peter Yackel, Lior Fainshil, Eric Heien, John Pike, Steve Willner, Alfred A. Aburto Jr. Comments from the Author Don't hesitate to contact me if you see something in the FAQ that you think is wrong. Suggestions, comments, additions, corrections, etc are more than welcomed . I'll reply to every email so that you'll know if your addition/correction will be included and if not, why. People who contribute to the FAQ will be given credit if they wish so. This latest version of the FAQ increases to version 3.0.0 to match the current major version of the Seti@home Client. Sincerely Mark Taylor Legal Chit-chat This document is subject to copyright. It may be copied, distributed, and otherwise electronically transferred, if you agree to the following terms: 1. If made publicly available, it must be updated regularly, hereby meaning every 30 days. 2. You agree, if making publicly available this document, or parts hereof, to link to the official FAQ-pages: 3. It would be preferred, if you want to copy this FAQ, that you notify the author. Further information for mirroring the html FAQ is available as html comments in the html-version. « top
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